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Mosaic Coconut Bowls

Mosaic Coconut Bowls

SKU: 217537123517253

These unique, yet sustainable bowls are made from all natural coconut shells. They are availible in a variety of colors and have a glossy laquer finish. While not only looking beautiful in your kitchen, these bowls are also perfect for acai bowls, vegan bowls, and breakfast bowls.

Real Coconut Shell Bowl Handcraft Kitchen Home Decor New. Approximate size is 5 to 6 inches in diameter.  
These beautifully handcrafted, handmade bowls are made from 100% real natural coconut shells.  They are then each individually and meticulously hand-painted or decorated with eggshell segments, lacquer
to create unique and stunning designs. Finally, the inside design is
coated with several coats of clear food-safe lacquer to give them their nice shine. Colors will vary and are not exact. The outer side of the
coconut bowl is then finished with an organic virgin coconut oil polish. It has a irregular shape and a unique texture. Please note that there
will be  some flaws since these are handmade, they are NOT perfect.
There is no limitation to their potential uses – gift or decoration. They are food friendly and water resistant and therefore ideally suited for
serving food. Hand washing only recommended. Try serving snacks,
salsa, chocolates , ice cream,yoghurt! Not suitable for hot liquids such as soups, as base would not be stable enough to be safe.But they are also great for holding keys or stationary or they can be used to float
candles to accentuate their colors and lend ambiance to any room.
Their  striking color with a high-gloss shine will add a sparkle to any
Beautiful and unique!! Comes in many patterns and colors.
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